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What do working women need?

Forty years ago a campaign for a Working Women’s Charter called for sweeping reforms. Today many of those reforms are still not in place, and a new campaign is being mounted. Dr Lucy Delap and Professor Pamela Cox assess the evidence.

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Charitable giving: how can schools be helped to do more?

The amount of funds raised by schools for outside charities has dropped in the past year. Schools will continue to give less if they cannot get educational value from the process, new research from the Citizenship Foundation suggest

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Can ‘New Welfare’ Address Poverty?

New welfare policies aim to cut benefit bills by increasing the number of people in paid work, improving skills and ensuring fairer access to opportunities. But how well do they work?

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A sense of belonging?

The success of foster care may depend on how children see their foster families in relation to their birth families, a new study shows. The strengthof children’s bonds with foster families may be directly related to the nature of their bonds with their birth families.

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Rise in racism could be bad for the kids

Anti-racism initiatives and policies have been put into place by successive Governments, but could a rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric undo all that and what are the consequences for our children?

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Tax breaks for healthy lifestyles

In the United States, work based schemes aimed at providing incentives for healthy lifestyles have been in place since 2010. Could similar schemes work in the UK?

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Moving on up: what social mobility success looks like

Widening participation; encouraging more people from deprived backgrounds to go to university, is seen by many as a key driver to improved mobility. So why do working class students still face significant barriers in matching their better off peers in terms of achieving examination success?