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Tax breaks for healthy lifestyles

In the United States, work based schemes aimed at providing incentives for healthy lifestyles have been in place since 2010. Could similar schemes work in the UK?

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Moving on up: what social mobility success looks like

Widening participation; encouraging more people from deprived backgrounds to go to university, is seen by many as a key driver to improved mobility. So why do working class students still face significant barriers in matching their better off peers in terms of achieving examination success?

PM speaks with staff member Makeda Sanford about welfare reform

Lives change – why policy needs to allow for that

Policy debates on ‘welfare’ and the welfare state often revolve around the assumption that people separate into two unchanging groups – those who pay, and those who benefit. But the world just isn’t like that says Professor John Hills, who thinks policy makers should remember the world is neither random nor rigid.

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A manifesto for the self-employed

Self employment is a key growth sector within the British Economy and has the potential to drive up economic growth in the coming years. But what support and help do theself-employed need in order to make a positive contribution and flourish.

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Social security: making contributions count

Although radical reforms to the social security system have been made by the Coalition Government, many believe they have not gone far enough. A new report argues that a clear link is needed between what people pay in and what they can expect to get out of the system.

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How well do immigrants fare in UK society?

Social mobility is likely to be on the lips of many a politician as we head towards the General Election. But just how socially mobile are people from ethnic minority backgrounds compared with their white counterparts?

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Has free childcare helped children and mothers?

The government is investing billions of pounds in free early years education for three and four year olds and plans to extend it to two year-olds. But is it an investment that’s paying off for children and mothers?