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Revenge evictions: what can be done?

Rogue landlords are too often able to evict tenants without good reason, Sarah Teather MP believes. She explores the evidence behind her Private Members’ Bill, which aims to reform the system.

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Scotland: what next for young voters?

The Scottish Referendum was one of the most successful democratic moments of all time. But was it good news for youth engagement? Andy Thornton examines the evidence.

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Gender and poverty: what should be done?

Looking at poverty through a gender lens should make a difference to the way relevant policies are designed, implemented and analysed, according to a new evidence review. Fran Bennett, one of the report’s authors, discusses the issues.

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Recession and food inequality

Households cut back food spending during the recession, according to research presented today. The findings from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS)were discussed at a workshop on income inequality during austerity.

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Extremism and faith communities

The Government believes  faith communities can play an important role in tackling extremism. They can help ‘lead the challenge to an ideology that purports to provide theological justification for terrorism.’ The recent fatwa issued against Isis, backed by many British Imams, is an example of how they provide this challenge through a moral leadership role. […]