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Complacency is the biggest energy challenge!

For too long the UK has relied on cheap energy from the North Sea which has stopped us from investing in energy efficient homes. The UK lags behind the rest of Europe and UNISON argue that a radical new programme is needed.

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Big Data for business and local government

The government have allocated 73 million pounds in the quest to unlock the potential of Big Data. Within the social sciences the ESRC has been given money to develop four new research centres to allow policy makers, local government and business to benefit from the “Big Data revolution”.

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Dementia and why we need to prevent it

Dementia in old age worries us all. Recent research suggests the risk of dementia in the UK is going down, but this could be reversed if we fail to put more focus on prevention rather than cure, says Iain Lang.

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Revenge evictions: what can be done?

Rogue landlords are too often able to evict tenants without good reason, Sarah Teather MP believes. She explores the evidence behind her Private Members’ Bill, which aims to reform the system.

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Scotland: what next for young voters?

The Scottish Referendum was one of the most successful democratic moments of all time. But was it good news for youth engagement? Andy Thornton examines the evidence.