Understanding Richard Hoggart: Published by  Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

The uses of Richard Hoggart

Richard Hoggart, one of Britain’s foremost post-war public intellectuals and author of The Uses of Literacy, has died aged 95. Dr Michael Bailey, one of the country’s leading experts on his work, discusses his legacy.

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Are we still feeling the squeeze?

With unemployment and inflation falling, there are signs the economy is starting to improve. But living standards are still lower than before the recession. Matt Barnes, Research Director at Natcen Social Research, examines the evidence.

Pupils in Finland in a KiVa lesson.  Picture credit: A1 media

New ways to tackle bullying

A successful anti-bullying programme from in Finland has recently been trialled in Wales and England. Judy Hutchings from Bangor University, who led the UK research team, describes the early results – and some training now on offer to schools.

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Domestic violence: listening to victims

Centres where victims of domestic abuse can access services under one roof are ‘a collaborative opportunity whose time has come,’ according to the first study of a UK Family Justice Centre. Society Central looks at the evidence.

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Welfare – who cares?

Previous economic downturns have seen increased public support for spending on welfare. But the recent crisis was accompanied by a decline in sympathy for those on benefits – particularly among the young. Daniel Sage assesses the evidence.

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Apprenticeships: Are they working?

In yesterday’s budget the Chancellor George Osborne promised grants for 100,000 new apprenticeships. Jonathan Todd, Chief Economist at Demos, argues the professions must get behind the qualifications if they are to succeed.

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Childcare costs: no new money

The government has announced more help for working families to meet their childcare costs. Professor Mike Brewer, Professor of Economics at ISER and Research Fellow at the Institute of Fiscal Studies, responds with IFS colleagues Claire Crawford and Sarah Cattan.

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Are young people working enough?

Youth unemployment is falling – but new research published today by the Local Government Association shows many are underemployed – working part time or in jobs for which they are overqualified. The Chair of the LGA’s Economy and Transport Board says the government must act.