Ageing society

End of life care: An unfair system?

Most of the 500,000 people who die each year in the United Kingdom do not receive the palliative care they need, according to new research carried out by a team at the London School of Economics.

PM speaks with staff member Makeda Sanford about welfare reform

Lives change – why policy needs to allow for that

Policy debates on ‘welfare’ and the welfare state often revolve around the assumption that people separate into two unchanging groups – those who pay, and those who benefit. But the world just isn’t like that says Professor John Hills, who thinks policy makers should remember the world is neither random nor rigid.

Why household surveys are key to well-judged policy

The years since 1990 have been littered with policy failures rooted in a misunderstanding of ordinary households. So says Professor Sir Ivor Crewe of Oxford University, who believes large scale household surveys like Understanding Society could help policy makers and politicians get it right.

Complacency is the biggest energy challenge!

For too long the UK has relied on cheap energy from the North Sea which has stopped us from investing in energy efficient homes. The UK lags behind the rest of Europe and UNISON argue that a radical new programme is needed.

Dementia and why we need to prevent it

Dementia in old age worries us all. Recent research suggests the risk of dementia in the UK is going down, but this could be reversed if we fail to put more focus on prevention rather than cure, says Iain Lang.

Women working longer but exercising less

Keeping active may help to keep us healthy for longer. However, older women who are in work find significant barriers to participation in exercise and leisure activities. More needs to be done in the workplace to promote opportunities for older women to continue exercising into their late 50’s and beyond.

Fuel poverty; a continuing problem

Data released recently by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that the number of households in fuel poverty fell by 5% in the period 2011-12, to 2.28 million. The average  fuel poverty gap fell by just two pounds to GBP 443 during the same period. Worryingly 41% of all fuel poor households come […]

Affordable homes needed for the over 55’s

One in three 40- to 50-year-olds living in the UK who rent or have mortgages on their homes believes they will not be able to afford their housing payments in retirement, according to survey carried out for Raglan housing. While 27% plan to move to cheaper accommodation, almost half don’t know what they will do […]