Ageing society


Personalisation has become the policy buzz-word of the twenty-first century. But in a new book Peter Beresford, one of Britain’s foremost social work academics, argues it has been introduced on the basis of flimsy evidence and turns care into a commodity offered for profit.

Older people on the web

Does internet use make older people less or more lonely? A new paper finds social isolation is lower among internet users aged 65 or over, and may be a useful way of reducing social isolation. Researchers found those who used the internet regularly reported greater life satisfaction.

Global Age Watch Index Launched

HelpAge International has launched the Global AgeWatch Index 2013 – the first ever to measure the quality of life and well-being of older people around the world. The Index covers 89% of the world’s older people in 91 countries and highlights those countries, which are not yet serving the needs of older people. According to […]

Austerity and health

The result of¬† Government cuts can only lead to ¬†poorer public health, increasing health inequalities, and disrupted local health structures with fewer resources to cope, according to a series of papers published by Demos. Health in Austerity also casts doubt on whether current policies leave the NHS equipped to deal with longer-term trend of an […]