Big Society

Scotland: what next for young voters?

The Scottish Referendum was one of the most successful democratic moments of all time. But was it good news for youth engagement? Andy Thornton examines the evidence.

Sexism at the Town Hall: time for change

Sexism in the world of Westminster has come under the microscope recently, but what about harassment and bullying in local politics and the effect this has on women’s representation in local government?

Are we giving up on politics?

Evidence suggests UK voters are among the least politically engaged in the developed world. As campaigning gets under way for this month’s European and local elections, David Blunkett MP asks why – and argues citizenship education is the key.

Volunteering at 50

Why do some people volunteer more than others? A new working paper from the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham uses data and interviews with 50 people aged 50 from the National Child Development Study to explore the issue.

Beyond the Big Society

The Big Society has been thwarted by many problems, not least the gap between rhetoric and reality. So is it time for a new model and what might that look like?

Migrants give more to charity.

Migrant communities give more to charity than the general population, especially those who are also remitting money overseas, according to a report published by the Economic and Social Research Council.