Crime and justice

Lifers’ concerns

Life prisoners are more concerned with issues such as the health and wellbeing of their families than they are with their own psychological wellbeing, interviews with 87 lifers by the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology have shown. ‘Missing somebody,’ ‘feeling your life is being wasted,’ ‘missing social life’ and ‘being sexually frustrated’ also featured […]

Gangs attract problem children

Gang membership increases the chances of offending, antisocial behaviour, and drug use among young people according to a study published by NatCen. There is no evidence that the number of young people joining gangs is on the increase. The research concludes problem children and those exhibiting anti-social behaviour are most likely to join.

The costs and benefits of a licensed, taxed and regulated cannabis market

Time to consider the full range of issues involved in policy options when it comes to drugs. So says Professor Stephen Pudney who, with colleagues from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, has undertaken a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of the licensing and regulation of cannabis.

Can youth culture heal communities?

Two years on from the 2011 riots, an arts project is giving young people the opportunity to voice the issues which worry them most. Peter Gibson from the Rathbone Charity says the results have been striking

Half of LGBT individuals face discurimination or harrassment

In a wide-ranging online survey (.pdf) of more than 90,000 LGBT individuals across Europe, almost half (47 %) said that they had felt personally discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of sexual orientation in the year preceding the survey. A majority of respondents who were attacked in the past year said that the attack or threat […]

Triggering action against anti-social behaviour

Having a ‘community trigger’ (a mechanism for victims of anti-social behaviour to bring in agencies to deal with the case) can help increase confidence in the agencies’ response to persistent and difficult cases according to a new Home Office report. The report on a series of trials  concludes that the triggers allow greater flexibility for […]

Is having a father always better?

Adolescents who are close to their father but do not live with them report higher self-esteem, fewer depressive symptoms and less delinquency than those who live with a father but are not close. The study concludes that adolescents benefit more from a close bond to a father who doesn’t necessarily live with them than a […]