Ethnicity, birthweight and growth in early childhood

Children born to second and third generation immigrants tend to have a lower birthweight but by the age of five they are often taller than their white peers. What can health professionals looking to target disadvantaged groups learn from recent research examining these questions?

Poverty and ethnicity: what are the links?

Why are disproportionate numbers of people from ethnic minority groups stuck in low-paid jobs? Helen Barnard of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says specific policy initiatives are needed to address the issue.

How are ethnic minority women getting on at work?

When it comes to work, what is the picture when it comes to women from an ethnic minority background and their White counterparts? Are there implications for income and poverty within different ethnic groups and for those battling poverty?

Understanding ethnicity in the battle against obesity

One in three children in the last year of primary school is overweight or obese, according to figures from Public Health England. Afshin Zilanawala has been explores links between children’s weight and their ethnicity: which factors need consideration in tackling the problem?

Rise in racism could be bad for the kids

Anti-racism initiatives and policies have been put into place by successive Governments, but could a rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric undo all that and what are the consequences for our children?

How well do immigrants fare in UK society?

Social mobility is likely to be on the lips of many a politician as we head towards the General Election. But just how socially mobile are people from ethnic minority backgrounds compared with their white counterparts?

Why household surveys are key to well-judged policy

The years since 1990 have been littered with policy failures rooted in a misunderstanding of ordinary households. So says Professor Sir Ivor Crewe of Oxford University, who believes large scale household surveys like Understanding Society could help policy makers and politicians get it right.

Extremism and faith communities

The Government believes  faith communities can play an important role in tackling extremism. They can help ‘lead the challenge to an ideology that purports to provide theological justification for terrorism.’ The recent fatwa issued against Isis, backed by many British Imams, is an example of how they provide this challenge through a moral leadership role. […]