Healthy lives

Can unemployment kill?

Can unemployment seriously affect your health? There is growing evidence to suggest that it does. The recession may be over but the impacts of long term unemployment are yet to emerge.

Ethnicity, birthweight and growth in early childhood

Children born to second and third generation immigrants tend to have a lower birthweight but by the age of five they are often taller than their white peers. What can health professionals looking to target disadvantaged groups learn from recent research examining these questions?

Alcohol and drug education – what does the evidence say?

The creation of ‘well-rounded’ young people with ‘character’, resilience, and ‘grit’ is a key priority for the Department for Education. Building resilience and character is crucial to reducing engagement in unhealthy risky behaviours says Jamila Boughelaf of the Mentor alcohol and drugs charity.

End of life care: An unfair system?

Most of the 500,000 people who die each year in the United Kingdom do not receive the palliative care they need, according to new research carried out by a team at the London School of Economics.

In sickness and in health: an insurance proposal

The current high levels of sickness and absence from work are unsustainable. There are costs to individuals, businesses and the Government. So why does only 11% of the UK population have any form of income protection insurance and what could an increase in this figure mean for all concerned?

All in it together?

Poorer groups have been worst affected by changes to direct taxes, benefits and tax credits despite the Coalition’s promise that the rich would carry the burden of austerity, a group of major new reports from LSE suggests. As a result, poverty has been increasing and will get worse in the next five years.