Healthy lives

Active travel – how can it be achieved?

The HOPE project is designed to investigate the travel habits of people in both urban and rural areas. First results indicate a distinct difference in travel behaviour between urban and rural residents. Through this research local governments will be better placed to develop active travel initiatives which will benefit their communities.

Women working longer but exercising less

Keeping active may help to keep us healthy for longer. However, older women who are in work find significant barriers to participation in exercise and leisure activities. More needs to be done in the workplace to promote opportunities for older women to continue exercising into their late 50’s and beyond.

Fuel poverty; a continuing problem

Data released recently by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that the number of households in fuel poverty fell by 5% in the period 2011-12, to 2.28 million. The average  fuel poverty gap fell by just two pounds to GBP 443 during the same period. Worryingly 41% of all fuel poor households come […]

Let the children play

Researchers at the University of Bristol have shown that hours spent outdoors with friends have the greatest positive affect on a child’s level of physical activity. However, researchers found children spend most of their after-school time indoors, either alone or with parents. For every hour spent outdoors with friends, the study found children doing an […]

Counting the cost of behaviour problems in young children

Hyperactivity and behaviour problems are associated with increased health, social care and criminal justice costs in adulthood according to a report released by The London School of Economics. The study shows the increase in costs to be between two and three times for children with behaviour problems. This report provides much needed data as little […]

Cuts in support for mental health care will cost money in the long run

A new report, published jointly by the charity Rethink Mental Illness and the London School of Economics, shows how investing in proven services such as Early Intervention can generate significant cost-savings for the NHS . The analysis found that £15 is saved for every £1 spent on early intervention and suggests that over £14 million […]

Election 2015 and the NHS

The government’s record on the NHS is likely to be a central issue at the next general election. But some argue there is a lack of serious political debate about its future because of a narrow agenda based on the economy and public finances and an unwillingness of politicians to engage.