Recession Britain

Is devolution the answer to the North-South divide?

There is an increasing pressure to devolve more power to the regions in the wake of the Scottish referendum. Many argue that centralised control results in a “one size fits all” approach to regional policy which is no longer relevant. A new report calls for a more targeted and tailored approach.

All in it together?

Poorer groups have been worst affected by changes to direct taxes, benefits and tax credits despite the Coalition’s promise that the rich would carry the burden of austerity, a group of major new reports from LSE suggests. As a result, poverty has been increasing and will get worse in the next five years.

PM speaks with staff member Makeda Sanford about welfare reform

Lives change – why policy needs to allow for that

Policy debates on ‘welfare’ and the welfare state often revolve around the assumption that people separate into two unchanging groups – those who pay, and those who benefit. But the world just isn’t like that says Professor John Hills, who thinks policy makers should remember the world is neither random nor rigid.

A manifesto for the self-employed

Self employment is a key growth sector within the British Economy and has the potential to drive up economic growth in the coming years. But what support and help do theself-employed need in order to make a positive contribution and flourish.

Why household surveys are key to well-judged policy

The years since 1990 have been littered with policy failures rooted in a misunderstanding of ordinary households. So says Professor Sir Ivor Crewe of Oxford University, who believes large scale household surveys like Understanding Society could help policy makers and politicians get it right.

Revenge evictions: what can be done?

Rogue landlords are too often able to evict tenants without good reason, Sarah Teather MP believes. She explores the evidence behind her Private Members’ Bill, which aims to reform the system.

Recession and food inequality

Households cut back food spending during the recession, according to research presented today. The findings from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS)were discussed at a workshop on income inequality during austerity.