Social mobility

Should universities take school performance into account?

With exam results out soon and discussions about the future of GCSEs and A-levels continuing, new research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, published by the Department for Education, investigates the role played by secondary schools in explaining whether students go to university and how well they do once there.

Vocational training; key to a better future

Britain needs stronger and better-quality vocational education, according to a new report published by the Institute for Public Policy Research. It estimates that we will need an extra 3.6 million jobs in medium-skilled occupations by 2022 and points out that 39% of vacancies in skilled trades are caused by skills shortages.

Taking the generational strain

It’s generally agreed that younger people are very unlike their parents let alone grandparents. So how will younger British people will fare in the economy and society of the future?

Women at the top

How and why do women rise to the top? A new book by Torild Skard, senior researcher in women’s studies at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, examines the motives, achievements and life stories of 73 female presidents and prime ministers in office between 1960 and 2010.

Childcare: evidence and reality

There is a growing commitment to the provision of free childcare for two year-olds. But where is the evidence to support this policy which appears to have support across the political spectrum?