Troubled families

Child abuse: can help-lines change behaviour?

Can anonymous telephone helplines assist in preventing child abuse? An evaluation of such programmes in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands finds they can. And it suggests offenders might be more likely to seek help if confidentiality is assured.

Number below the poverty line continues to rise

In 2012–13, 10.6 million individuals (17%) had a household income below the official absolute poverty line. When incomes are measured after deducting housing costs, however, the number below the poverty line (e.g. below £235 per week for a childless couple) rose by about 600,000 in 2012–13 to 14.6 million (23%). This is about 2.0 million […]

Domestic abuse – telling the untold story

The scale of domestic abuse in the United Kingdom is under-estimated with as many as 4 in 5 of all cases going unreported. While crime surveys throw some light on the scale of the problem there is a need for more focussed research to enable a clearer picture of the problem and its impact on the victims of abuse.

Child poverty targets unnattainable

New research published by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission predicts that government targets for reducing the levels of child poverty by 2020 will be missed by a wide margin. Even in the most optimistic scenario, the research projects that one in five children will be in relative poverty in 2020, compared to 17% […]

Council tax debt on the rise

Council tax debt is now the biggest source of personal debt for its clients according to new figures released by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau which also show a steep rise in indebtedness since the second quarter of 2013. More than one in five of its clients are now in arrears on their council tax payments.

Child poverty set to top five million by 2020

A combination of cuts to benefits, the rising cost of living and years of flat wages will result in five million children in Britain face being “sentenced to a lifetime of poverty” by 2020 according to new research from Save the Children. It calculated that recent changes to social security have cut the incomes of the […]