Welfare and work

In sickness and in health: an insurance proposal

The current high levels of sickness and absence from work are unsustainable. There are costs to individuals, businesses and the Government. So why does only 11% of the UK population have any form of income protection insurance and what could an increase in this figure mean for all concerned?

Unlock growth and prosperity with the productivity key

During the recent recession, the low skilled and young adults suffered the most putting an increasing strain on the benefit system. Professor Sir Richard Blundell argues a focus on productivity and tax reform are the key to raising living standards while tax reform needs to address top income inequality.

How are ethnic minority women getting on at work?

When it comes to work, what is the picture when it comes to women from an ethnic minority background and their White counterparts? Are there implications for income and poverty within different ethnic groups and for those battling poverty?

All in it together?

Poorer groups have been worst affected by changes to direct taxes, benefits and tax credits despite the Coalition’s promise that the rich would carry the burden of austerity, a group of major new reports from LSE suggests. As a result, poverty has been increasing and will get worse in the next five years.

Domestic labour and inequality

A new study based on data from 74 countries suggests the employment of domestic workers is higher in societies where income inequality is high. Is a recent surge in domestic work in Europe linked to increased inequality?

What do working women need?

Forty years ago a campaign for a Working Women’s Charter called for sweeping reforms. Today many of those reforms are still not in place, and a new campaign is being mounted. Dr Lucy Delap and Professor Pamela Cox assess the evidence.

Can ‘New Welfare’ Address Poverty?

New welfare policies aim to cut benefit bills by increasing the number of people in paid work, improving skills and ensuring fairer access to opportunities. But how well do they work?

Tax breaks for healthy lifestyles

In the United States, work based schemes aimed at providing incentives for healthy lifestyles have been in place since 2010. Could similar schemes work in the UK?