Social science: why does it matter?

Social science provides a vital critical perspective on policy – but in a service-driven economy it also has many practical applications, argues David Walker, head of policy at the Academy of Social Sciences and the Campaign for Social Science.

Man-made: women and power

Women in the Boardroom and in other positions of power are still outnumbered by three or four to one. John Edmonds and Eva Tutchell argue in a new book that the next government needs to adopt a more radical and wide-ranging programme to achieve gender equality.

Are the robots taking all the middle jobs?

Are the robots taking all the middle jobs? New research looking at the hollowing out of the UK job market shows the hourglass employment picture being painted might not be as clear cut as some think.

Is devolution the answer to the North-South divide?

There is an increasing pressure to devolve more power to the regions in the wake of the Scottish referendum. Many argue that centralised control results in a “one size fits all” approach to regional policy which is no longer relevant. A new report calls for a more targeted and tailored approach.

How are ethnic minority women getting on at work?

When it comes to work, what is the picture when it comes to women from an ethnic minority background and their White counterparts? Are there implications for income and poverty within different ethnic groups and for those battling poverty?

Domestic labour and inequality

A new study based on data from 74 countries suggests the employment of domestic workers is higher in societies where income inequality is high. Is a recent surge in domestic work in Europe linked to increased inequality?

Is Christmas too commercial?

What is the ‘spirit of Christmas,’ anyway? Professor Phillip Hancock argues that the modern festive season has always had roots in the world of commerce.

Can ‘New Welfare’ Address Poverty?

New welfare policies aim to cut benefit bills by increasing the number of people in paid work, improving skills and ensuring fairer access to opportunities. But how well do they work?

A manifesto for the self-employed

Self employment is a key growth sector within the British Economy and has the potential to drive up economic growth in the coming years. But what support and help do theself-employed need in order to make a positive contribution and flourish.