Skills shortages; will the recovery falter?

Two thirds of London’s business leaders expect an improvement in their companies’performance this year and 34% expect to increase their workforce, according to a recent survey. However investment in training dropped steeply during the recession ( four times greater than the rest of Europe) according to the Jonathan Todd at the Policy Network, fuelling fears […]

Taking the generational strain

It’s generally agreed that younger people are very unlike their parents let alone grandparents. So how will younger British people will fare in the economy and society of the future?

Are we still feeling the squeeze?

With unemployment and inflation falling, there are signs the economy is starting to improve. But living standards are still lower than before the recession. Matt Barnes, Research Director at Natcen Social Research, examines the evidence.

Apprenticeships: Are they working?

In yesterday’s budget the Chancellor George Osborne promised grants for 100,000 new apprenticeships. Jonathan Todd, Chief Economist at Demos, argues the professions must get behind the qualifications if they are to succeed.

Women at the top

How and why do women rise to the top? A new book by Torild Skard, senior researcher in women’s studies at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, examines the motives, achievements and life stories of 73 female presidents and prime ministers in office between 1960 and 2010.

Over-qualified, underpaid?

New research finds that nearly half of employers across the UK (48%) admit they recruit people with higher levels of skills and knowledge than required for the job.

Careers services must do better

Pupils as young as twelve think seriously about their careers but they are being let down by careers services that are not up to scratch, according to a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research.