Unaffordable housing: crisis in the countryside

The average house price in rural areas is 11 times higher than the average wage according to research published by the National Housing Federation. It finds that wages in rural areas would need to rise by 150 per cent for people living in rural areas to be able to afford a mortgage. It also found […]

London driving house price rises

UK house prices increased by 9.9 per cent in the financial year to April 2014, government statistics revealed today. Whilst prices are now higher than the pre-recession levels of 2008 the average figure is distorted by runaway house price inflation in London (18.9%) and to a lesser extent the South East (8.9%) and East Anglia […]

Garden cities get thumbs up

A poll of over 6,000 people, has that three-quarters of Britons think that it is a good idea to build new garden cities to help meet Britain’s housing need. Over two thirds of the public also said that building new garden cities would better protect the countryside from development than the alternatives for delivering the […]

Racial prejudice on the increase

New data from NatCen shows that 30% of British people describe themselves as either “prejudiced against people of other races (up from 25% in 2001). Inner London comes out lowest at 16% whilst the West Midlands scores highest at 35%. Prejudice is highest amongst those with no formal qualifications. Just over 9 in 10 of […]

London tops evictions figures

According to the housing charity Shelter more than 215,000  households ( approximately 4000 per week) in England are at risk of eviction or repossession. New research based on data from the Ministry of Justice shows 16 out of the top 20 Boroughs issuing notices are located in London and its surrounding suburbs.