Why we need more evidence on our identity

With a referendum on Scottish independence a year away, Labour politicians have called for a national debate on ‘Britishness’ and national identity. Society Central reports from Labour’s annual conference in Brighton on new research on how we see ourselves.

Is it time for a new debate about gender equality?

Writer Polly Trenow examines new research looking at gender equality across the generations and argues that the rather surprising findings show that it’s time for a new brand of feminism that transforms the lives of all women not just those with the loudest voice.

Footballers’ attitudes

Young footballers are much more likely to be supportive of gay teammates than a decade ago, according to new  research from the universities of Kent and Winchester.  Half the premier league footballers interviewed said they would openly accept a colleague coming out.

Can youth culture heal communities?

Two years on from the 2011 riots, an arts project is giving young people the opportunity to voice the issues which worry them most. Peter Gibson from the Rathbone Charity says the results have been striking

A woman’s work is never done?

Warm words from politicians on family-friendly employment have not been translated into action, according to the authors of research published today. They find women who work full-time still do most of the housework – but men complain more about work-life pressure.

Sheppey – Isle of aspiration

A special report from Society Central’s Fran Abrams on a project that reveals the dreams and aspirations of two groups of young people on the Isle of Sheppey 30 years apart.

Media Regulation: how would it work?

As MPs and peers debate Lord Justice Leveson’s proposed Royal Charter for media regulation, Lara Fielden, a Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, asks how the plan measures up to regulation overseas.

Press Reform

The three main UK Political Parties have reached a deal over reform of press regulation. A previous article by Society Central examines the different regulatory systems of other countries. Some aspects of the new UK system will look similar to those adopted abroad.