Young mothers, education, and teenage pregnancy

Many pregnant teenagers and young mothers have become disengaged from mainstream education which leaves them vulnerable and dependent upon the welfare benefits system. Re-engagement with education in a vocational setting can help them to restore a sense of self worth, and self confidence.

Alcohol and drug education – what does the evidence say?

The creation of ‘well-rounded’ young people with ‘character’, resilience, and ‘grit’ is a key priority for the Department for Education. Building resilience and character is crucial to reducing engagement in unhealthy risky behaviours says Jamila Boughelaf of the Mentor alcohol and drugs charity.

Education and inequality – a tale of two classrooms

The attainment gap between rich and poor remains stubbornly wide. Reducing it will take time but, in the meantime, improving the quality of teaching and making it more relevant to the needs of poorer children could have a significant effect on raising their attainment.

The changing face of child poverty

Family incomes fell during the recession – but the cost of raising a child went up. How have the lives of the poorest families been affected, and how are they coping now? Donald Hirsch says new research will help provide some of the answers.