Should universities take school performance into account?

With exam results out soon and discussions about the future of GCSEs and A-levels continuing, new research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, published by the Department for Education, investigates the role played by secondary schools in explaining whether students go to university and how well they do once there.

Food education: a legacy for children’s health

Food education in schools needs a raised profile if society is to avoid the looming threat of obesity and diabetes. The School Food Plan, if fully implemented, shows how it is possible to promote healthy eating but it needs more support from policy makers, food manufacturers and parents and it needs that support now.

Unpaid work; the norm for young jobseekers?

A team of researchers from the universities of Warwick, Leicester, Aston and the Open University are about to start a large-scale project, Precarious Pathways to Employment for Young People. It will examine the experiences of all young people, not just graduates, from school leaving age upwards and address the question: is unpaid work likely to […]

Vocational training; key to a better future

Britain needs stronger and better-quality vocational education, according to a new report published by the Institute for Public Policy Research. It estimates that we will need an extra 3.6 million jobs in medium-skilled occupations by 2022 and points out that 39% of vacancies in skilled trades are caused by skills shortages.

Child poverty set to top five million by 2020

A combination of cuts to benefits, the rising cost of living and years of flat wages will result in five million children in Britain face being “sentenced to a lifetime of poverty” by 2020 according to new research from Save the Children. It calculated that recent changes to social security have cut the incomes of the […]