Recession and food inequality

Households cut back food spending during the recession, according to research presented today. The findings from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS)were discussed at a workshop on income inequality during austerity.

Garden cities get thumbs up

A poll of over 6,000 people, has that three-quarters of Britons think that it is a good idea to build new garden cities to help meet Britain’s housing need. Over two thirds of the public also said that building new garden cities would better protect the countryside from development than the alternatives for delivering the […]

The best and worst evidence of 2013?

The Alliance for Useful evidence devoted its Christmas party to a discussion on what constitutes good evidence for policy-makers – and to a discussion of some examples of what doesn’t. Carey Oppenheim, Chief Executive of the Early Intervention Foundation, reflects on the event and on her own organisation’s evidence-based work.

The Nine Billion Challenge

The world’s population has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Over the last 50 years, our numbers on this planet have tripled, and we are expected to become, according to UN estimates, a nine billion human family by 2050. As the Essex Sustainability Institute hosts a conference this week to explore the challenges, its director Professor Steffen Boehm asks how well prepared we are for such a boom.

The times, are they changing?

We perceive our lives to be changing more rapidly than previous generations. As the ESRC launches its Britain in 2014 publication Raj Patel, Impact Fellow with the UK’s household longitudinal study Understanding Society, asks whether that really is the case.

Green space brings a smile

The more green space a city has, the more likely its residents are to be happy. That’s according to analysis using the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) by a team of academics at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. People living in an area with more green space showed increased wellbeing equal to […]