Child wellbeing in the new generation

Since the UK was placed bottom in a 2007 Unicef report on the wellbeing of children in rich countries, concern with the situation of the nation’s children has taken on a new dimension. But new evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study suggests the current generation are faring well.

Understanding ethnicity in the battle against obesity

One in three children in the last year of primary school is overweight or obese, according to figures from Public Health England. Afshin Zilanawala has been explores links between children’s weight and their ethnicity: which factors need consideration in tackling the problem?

Rise in racism could be bad for the kids

Anti-racism initiatives and policies have been put into place by successive Governments, but could a rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric undo all that and what are the consequences for our children?

Tax breaks for healthy lifestyles

In the United States, work based schemes aimed at providing incentives for healthy lifestyles have been in place since 2010. Could similar schemes work in the UK?

PM speaks with staff member Makeda Sanford about welfare reform

Lives change – why policy needs to allow for that

Policy debates on ‘welfare’ and the welfare state often revolve around the assumption that people separate into two unchanging groups – those who pay, and those who benefit. But the world just isn’t like that says Professor John Hills, who thinks policy makers should remember the world is neither random nor rigid.

Complacency is the biggest energy challenge!

For too long the UK has relied on cheap energy from the North Sea which has stopped us from investing in energy efficient homes. The UK lags behind the rest of Europe and UNISON argue that a radical new programme is needed.

Dementia and why we need to prevent it

Dementia in old age worries us all. Recent research suggests the risk of dementia in the UK is going down, but this could be reversed if we fail to put more focus on prevention rather than cure, says Iain Lang.