Fathers and parenting – before and after a split

Policy makers want fathers to be more involved with their children and for less dads to lose contact with their children after a split. New research shows there may be lessons for policy makers about parenting before a split occurs.

Can unemployment kill?

Can unemployment seriously affect your health? There is growing evidence to suggest that it does. The recession may be over but the impacts of long term unemployment are yet to emerge.

Poverty and ethnicity: what are the links?

Why are disproportionate numbers of people from ethnic minority groups stuck in low-paid jobs? Helen Barnard of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says specific policy initiatives are needed to address the issue.

Poverty: the real story?

A new report tells the stories of 20 people living in poverty, struggling against the odds – as well as hardening attitudes and a lack of understanding of their lives – and calls urgently for change.

Are the robots taking all the middle jobs?

Are the robots taking all the middle jobs? New research looking at the hollowing out of the UK job market shows the hourglass employment picture being painted might not be as clear cut as some think.